A chance to shine


The Programme

The Scholarship Programme supports enthusiastic, creative and hardworking secondary school students, providing them with supports they might not otherwise be able to get access to, such as: 

  • interview preparation training
  • study skills seminars
  • extra academic support
  • workshops with successful entrepreneurs
  • access to laptops and iPads to facilitate job applications
  • apprenticeship and university applications
  • access to leadership and language camps
  • individual programmes tailored to talents
  • life coaching and career advice
  • book rental support 

The aim of the programme is to encourage each child to fulfil their full potential, whatever that might be. The end goal is not always accessing university – although the programme has already successfully helped many students who would not otherwise have been in a position to achieve this. In some cases, the goal is to enable a child to progress to apprenticeship or employment.  

Although the scheme has been in existence since 2015, there have already been impressive results, with the Programme literally changing the direction of many children’s lives.  

The Rising Tide programme was recognised with a Junior Chamber Award in 2018 and the school was awarded a ‘School of Future Vision Award’ from Google and Trinity College in 2017.  

How do children get onto the Scholarship Programme?

To access the Scholarship Programme, students must demonstrate a desire to achieve more and formally apply to the Rising Tide team for acceptance onto the Scholarship Programme.
Applicants are then put through a rigorous interview by a member of the Rising Tide team and a member of the school staff, where timekeeping, attendance, respect, homework, academics and talents are all taken into consideration.
Those students who are accepted onto the programme are monitored by the staff and the Rising Tide’s in-house scholarship co-ordinator, who has a dedicated office within the school.


What you can do to help